We’ve been trying to raise funds for our Tour in July by having Yard Sales, playing what gigs we can get on, selling merch, etc etc. It has been going very well and we thank EVERYONE who has helped us out.
We still have a little ways to go. Our goal to cover the expense of getting to Muncie, IN and back is $3000…we’re over half way there! That amount is basically to cover fuel with a little bit of a cushion in case we run into a snag. Ideally we could really use an RV and Trailer, but honestly $15000 is just unrealistic…unless there is someone out there with an RV they could donate for 7 days. LOL
In all seriousness though…if everyone could share the link below and ask friends and family to help out, that would be greatly appreciated! With everyone’s help, we can reach our goal and hit the road with no worries and without draining our personal bank accounts…because we all have bills outside the music (and yes…we’ve put some of our own money into this already)! Who knows? Maybe we’ll raise enough to get that RV and Trailer? 🙏
Thank you all for your love and support! It is very humbling knowing we have so many people who believe in us! Feeling blessed beyond words! Y’all ROCK! 🤘
Have a great day everyone and we hope to see you at a Venue real soon! Much love! ❤🤘